Courier Clash May 2023

3D combat-action vehicle game
This was the second project I delivered with Thunderblossom Studios. This time with a larger team of over 25 developers. I worked in the gameplay programming department using C# .NET for Unity.

The Invention of Beebo May 2023

2D platform adventure game
The project spanned for 3 months and was released by our start-up studio known now as ThunderBlossom. I worked in the assets programming department using Unity engine with C# .NET. I was responsible for implementing vital features.

Portfolio Website October 2022

This website and PaperJack, my custom Hugo theme
The website you are currently browsing was made by me. Along with it, I made a public theme that anyone can use (MIT License) if they want their site to look similar.

Game Jams February 2021

A series of games I created for global competitions
This is a collection of team-collaborated game jams I’ve worked on. In 2020, my team of three members won runners up in the official UnityJam, with over 2000 submissions.